MDI responsible for Urban Development Day at Citizen*ship Forum

Urban Development Forum Citizen*ship was held in the City of Kotka on 11–12 May 2017. Forum brought together a three-digit number of experts from the field of urban development around Finland. The forum discussed ideas and suggestions for action on national urban policy, especially for the development of development zones, as well as practical practical tips for urban developers.

In the first day, MDI was partly responsible for the chairing the event and fully responsible for the second day, where urban developers were seeking solutions to most challenging issues of urban development in six themes. Particular focus was on how citizens participate in city development and how the city is transformed into a platform for different development actions. Examples of urban development in Finland and around the world encouraged new ways of working. The international forum was conceived, developed and implemented in co-operation with MDI, the City of Kotka, Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Regional Development Company Cursor.

Material (partly in English):