MDI to Consult Central Karelia Economic Development Strategy

MDI has had a pleasure to spar the regions of Joensuu and the Pielinen Karelia in the Eastern Finland. Now, the map of Norhern Carelia will be completed with Central Karelia (municipalities of Kitee, Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä, with a population of approximately 18 000 inhabitants), where MDI is involved in the preparation of a new regional economic development strategy. The starting point is not dazzling glory: the region is facing prolonged structural change, and the situation of Russia is not making it at all easier for the border region. But in severe situations skilful choices are even more valuable. Consultation will start with sparring of the executive board and continue with support to the working groups that are set up in February. In April, regional developers, companies and other relevant actors are gathered to an open seminar. The strategy will be completed in the summer, honouring the 20 years of local development Central Karelia Development Company KETI Ltd, which is the client in this consultation.