MDI to assist in the preparation of new strategies for regionalisation

The Ministry of Finance has started the preparation of new strategies for regionalisation. Regionalisation refers to the location of government units and functions outside the metropolitan area.

The current form of regionalisation began at the beginning of this millennium and is coordinated, monitored and developed under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance. These policies are now being reformed. Reforms relate to  the nature of state action and presence in the regions in the 2020s, specifically to fulfil the tasks of the various state agencies and to serve the needs of citizens and businesses. These new strategies are designed to take into account the needs of different client and language groups while addressing the required changes to the state’s regionalisation objectives and principles.

The guidelines to be prepared in the project will serve as a basis for the reform of the current regionalisation legislation. MDI will collect the knowledge base for the policy preparation task and will participate in the regional round which will be carried out in major areas during weeks 3 and 4 of 2020. The policy definitions will be completed by the end of March 2020. The work is directed by the Regionalisation Coordination Group and is commissioned by the Ministry of Finance.