MDI supports strategic development of Pirkanmaa TE Services

MDI carried out consultancy work for the Pirkanmaa TE Office to support it in developing its strategy. The aim was to clarify the strategy of the Employment and Economic Development Office, making it better able to respond to the changing situation where municipal experiments in the areas of employment shape the labour force administration.

The Pirkanmaa Employment and Economic Development Office offers services for jobseekers and companies across the 22 municipalities of Pirkanmaa. Public employment and business services have been the subject of major reforms in recent years, with the Sipilä government pushing for an active model, transforming employment and business services into new growth services while at the same time shifting organisational responsibility to the multidisciplinary provinces.

Following the fall of the Sipilä government and of the reform itself, the Marin government is undertaking a large-scale municipal employment experiment aimed at improving access to the labour market, especially for the long-term unemployed and the disadvantaged. In Pirkanmaa, about 27 000 job-seeking clients are involved in the experiment. At the same time, an organisational change will take place which will see the TE Office personnel transferred to the municipalities.