MDI supports the piloting of the regional cultural situation

MDI supports the piloting of a regional cultural knowledge base by sparring ideas with five provinces, South Karelia, Southern Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa, Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia. Piloting will test the compilation of the data sources proposed by MDI and the University of the Arts (Helsinki) in 2018 ( with the provinces, discuss the development of the knowledge base among cultural actors in the provinces and interpret the collected cultural statistics and monitoring information.

The pilots will be used to refine the framework for culture and to develop proposals from a regional perspective for the development of a national cultural policy knowledge base. Non-pilot provinces are also welcome to consult and discuss issues relating to what kinds of knowledge culture will be developed in the provinces in the 2020s.

Piloting responds to the identified challenge – the problems of knowledge-based decision-making are also shared in the regional development of culture. Statistical and research information is available, but it is fragmented. The overall picture is thus difficult to discern because of the many actors involved while the available information does not cover current development requirements. The Ministry of Education and Culture has responded to the challenge by piloting the compilation and interpretation of the regional cultural situation.

The piloting process will be carried out during the spring and summer, 2019. The project will be completed by August 2019.