MDI Studies Future Municipality

The Ministry of Finance has commissioned MDI to make a background study related to reform “Future municipality”. An online survey has been sent to all municipalities in Mainland Finland on 24th May, reaching in total nearly 12 000 respondents including local councillors and leading civil servants. Survey will be open until 16.00 on Tue 7th June 2016.

The future tasks, functions, funding as well as position and role of municipalities are under consideration in all Finnish municipalities at the moment. The results of this survey will provide valuable insight for the reform and decision-making. In addition to the results of the survey, MDI will organise focus group discussions in six cities or regions during the summer.

The results of the survey will also be utilised in three ongoing research projects MDI is currently carrying out as Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. One of the projects deals with regional government reform, second one with the development of city regions and networks, and the third one with digital services in rural areas.