MDI studies the background and success factors of the various types of innovation ecosystems and environments

As a result of the continuing desire for regional and social services reform and, at the same time, ongoing changes in the research and innovation system, there is a growing need to understand the formation activities, characteristics and success factors involved in innovation environments and ecosystems. In addition to changing structures, it has become increasingly important to understand the actors in innovation environments, their capabilities and the dynamics of networked collaboration. The impact of RDI at the local, regional, national and international level will ultimately however depend on the quality of the interaction between the activities and the actors involved.

The purpose of the study commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture is to explore how different types of innovation environments are created, what success factors can be identified and what lessons can be learned for the future in terms of their activities. The study also examines whether, for example, social and health innovation environments differ from those in other sectors. The report provides information for the development of innovation environments and for supporting the work of the regional and social services reform objectives and the reform programme of the TKIO related to the ongoing reform process.