MDI reviewed the preparation of the health and social services reform – the process was marked by uncertainty and ambiguity

Our report on the preparation of the provincial and social reform has now been published. The final report highlights both the challenges and successes of the reform process.

The major legislative project of ex-Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government’s was the reform of the regional administration encompassing also a major reform to the healthcare system. Preparation of the reform was delayed several times during Sipilä’s period of office,  eventually leading to its  postponement. In the end, the constitutional problems posed by the reform proved insuperable, eventually bringing down the Sipilä government.

Our final report notes that preparation of the reform involved a number of challenges with the key issues here linked to political leadership and decision-making. Due to the broad scope of the reform, the need for a commonality of purpose was clear.. Practical preparatory work was however hampered by an unrealistic timetable, difficulties in drafting legislation and implementation of various elements before the law was completed. In addition, the report highlighted that the preparatory work should have been processed into more manageable bite-sized deliverables rather than trying to reform everything at once.

Preparation for the reform did succeed in increasing cooperation between and within the various actors at the national and regional levels while regional-level preparation succeeding in bringing together actors from different sectors, with increased cooperation also increasing mutual confidence.

The aim of the project was to create a snapshot of the reform implementation process and to further facilitate reform implementation, preparation, both in the regions and nationally. The project was carried out as part of the implementation of the Government’s Clearing and Research Plan for 2017. The research project was produced for the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The MDI-led research consortium included Frisky & Anjoy Oy and NHG Consulting Oy.

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Information for municipalities and new national policy instruments for steering climate change mitigation and circular economy in municipalities

National goals in respect of preventing climate change and boosting the circular economy require strengthening. This entails the creation of viable solutions and indeed the adoption of a new approach in the municipalities. Based on the National Urban Strategy, a preliminary study has been produced which considered a number of potential policy instruments for climate and circular economy work. For the municipal level, the publication provides information on what kinds of instruments already exist, while for the state level, it suggests a number of new ideas for prospective policy instruments.

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PhD thesis defence: Urbanisation lacks vision

Ilppo Soininvaara (M.Sc.), MDI’s specialist in urban development and politics, researched for his PhD thesis the policy of urbanisation in Finland. The PhD thesis illustrates the development of urbanisation, the related political debate and various strategic interests. Soininvaara defended his thesis on May 25, 2022 at 12 noon at the faculty of science of the University of Helsinki. The thesis’ subject is “The politics of urbanisation – From a global imperative to national struggles”.

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