The study provides tools for the compilation of the housing policy programme

The study on the evaluation and development of housing policy programmes in urban areas and municipalities has been completed. According to the study, the links between municipal housing policy programmes and land use planning strengthen the effectiveness and strategy perspective of the actions. In housing policy, efforts must be made in respect of the multidisciplinary preparation and implementation of the programme and to strengthen the knowledge base.

Housing policy programmes vary in both content and strategic approach. For example demographic trends, LHT-solutions and other municipal and regional solutions have an effect on housing policy. The knowledge base, multidisciplinary nature and involvement of the programme preparation process must be strengthened and the monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of housing policy programmes must be systematised. Differences remain between municipalities in the assessment of evaluation and effectiveness, but common and shared good practices developed in LHT urban areas can be utilised elsewhere.

The study was carried out by MDI and Urban Research TA ltd, and was commissioned by the LHT network and the Housing Finance and Development Center of Finland (ARA). The aim of the study was to develop the strategy on housing policy programmes in urban areas and municipalities, envisaged as being multidisciplinary and inclusive in nature, to model the municipalities’ ideal process and to develop the evaluation and measurement of the effectiveness of housing policy programmes in municipalities of different sizes.The study was carried out in the spring of 2020. Material was collected through a survey, interviews and a workshop.