MDI is involved in the preparation of the Northern Ostrobothnia regional programme

MDI supported the Association of Northern Ostrobothnia in preparing the regional programme for 2022–2025. The new provincial programme for Northern Ostrobothnia is a people-oriented programme that uses the phenomenon-based approach to make visible the changes undertaken. The preparation was aimed at implementing a more goal-oriented and effective programme and the role of municipalities was emphasised more strongly.

The programme emphasises the international and national importance of push and pull factors in respect of regional well-being and development. The programme focuses on climate issues and the energy transition, as well as on the green transition and digital development.

Support for programme preparation was divided into three parts:

1) Identifying changes in the operating environment interactively and gathering together the forces for change as a basis for the programming work.

2) Facilitation of the regional programme process and interaction related to programme preparation and compilation of the materials as a basis for the strategic development themes and content choices of the Northern Ostrobothnia regional programme 2022–2025.

3) Refining the content of the regional programme by sparring the phenomenon groups formed around the selected development themes.

Through extensive joint work, efforts have been made to ensure the commitment of the various interest groups to the initial guidelines of the strategy.

As part of the preparations for the province in the spring of 2021, a future barometer, a series of blogs and articles were produced with the Association of Northern Ostrobothnia and the regional newspaper Kaleva to support communication in the spirit of the communications campaign.

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Draft regional programme for Northern Ostrobothnia on the website of the Regional Council:

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