MDI is involved in analysing structural change instruments in Finland

MDI was involved in carrying out a study of the structural change instruments used in Finland, for example, the reaction to abrupt structural change (ÄRM) instrument and the proactive approach to structural change (ERM) instrument. The report outlines the development and features of these Finnish instruments while also detailing the experiences gained from the evaluations. A more detailed case study focused on the structural change undergone by UPM Kymmene in Kainuu.

Finland’s structural change instruments are characterised by the strong role played by the Finnish state in adapting to structural change situations and developing instruments. Indeed, the state has made significant financial investments in the operation of structural change instruments. Nevertheless, a clear regional orientation is also visible, as the structural change tools provide some freedom for practical implementations in areas where these structural changes are happening. Each structural change situation is individual in nature with significant differences clearly discernible between cases. As such, there can be no one-size-fits-all response.

The report was ordered by Tillväxtanalys from Sweden, who were interested in comparing instruments across the Nordic countries. The study of structural change instruments in Finland provided background information for the main report which compares the various instruments available in Norway and Finland. The key issues in the report were as follows: How are the instruments designed? Which actors are involved? What kinds of experiences can be gained from them? Are there elements of the Norwegian or Finnish structural change instruments that could inspire Sweden in its own structural change work?

MDI worked as a subcontractor for Oxford Research.

Materials (in Swedish):

The main report: Inställning till omställning – kan Sverige inspireras av våra grannar?

Finland’s case study report: Fallstudie Finland: ÄRM, ERM och Broavtal

Norway’s case study report: Fallstudie Norge: Regional omstilling