MDI involved in studying the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the youth sector

MDI is involved in investigating the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the youth sector. The work supports the preparation of the future of youth work and activities, as well as the perception of the role of the sector in the post-pandemic period. Among other things, the study hears the views and shares the experiences and perspectives of those working with young people, for example on how activities changed with the Covid-19 crisis and what the role of youth work will be in securing the wellbeing of young people in the future. In addition, the project also examined how youth work can help prepare for similar unforeseen situations in the future. 

The target groups of the study are municipal youth work and outreach youth work, youth workshop activities, youth sector organisations, youth centers and administrators in the youth service sector. The experiences of various actors will be mapped by means of an electronic survey with this information subsequently to be deepened later in the spring through focus group interviews. In addition, the study includes a light literature review, examining key reports and studies within the field. The study is being carried out in cooperation with the Youth Research and Development Centre Juvenia. 

The report has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

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