MDI Involved in Mapping Statutory Tasks of Muncipalities in Finland

How will the municipalities organize their statutory tasks after the ongoing regional reform, which is taking place in 2019? To what extent and in what quality will these tasks be organized? Who is responsible for the tasks, and what kind of cost structure do the tasks have? How is the need for services mapped, and are these needs met by services provided? Does the municipality seek to regulate the use of statutory services or use some other service procuces?

These thorny questions MDI will map together with Perlacon Ltd – MDI’s partner in many municipal affairs – in the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. Perlacon Ltd is the lead partner in the project. MDI submits a questionnaire to all Finnish municipalities in June – while information is also collected for other ongoing research projects for the Government and it’s ministries. Work will be completed in autumn 2017.