MDI Helps to Pave the Way to the Future in Ostrobothnia

After the turn of the year, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia will launch a forecast pilot. We have the pleasure to pave the way to the future. MDI will organise two workshops during the trip, and activate actors to build the future on Inforglobe platform (which has been developed for Martti Ahtisaari’s CMI’s efforts, and now applied also in municipal strategies and in forecasting). The proactive pilotage improves the ability of various actors to read different strong and weak signals, give better understanding of their own and others’ actions now and in the future, and concretely builds a scenario or scenarios for the future. The results of the work will be utilized in the preparation of the regional strategy. But most importantly, it will produce a new way of making the future in inspirational, rolling, and in on-going dialogue. The subscriber of the work is the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the work will be completed in March 2018.