MDI Examines the Vitality Services of Small Cities in Regional Reform

Small cities play an important role in the vitality of the whole country. Small cities are currently heavily influenced by the changes in the operating environment. The roles and services in developing the vitality of regions are currently being redesigned in the regional reform. The reform will change the division of labor between municipalities and new regional administration, which will have an impact on the vitality of municipalities and regions. Preparatory work has been done in dozens, even hundreds of working groups nationwide and in regions, and the composition and scale of the working groups naturally vary considerably. In addition, a nationwide reform of education, where especially secondary education is subject to significant cuts, will have influence on vitality of regions. Because of the major changes, small cities have decided to launch a study “Small cities as part of the future vitality services”. The study is carried out during the summer and autumn 2017 to give an overview of how small cities are visible in the planning of future vitality services and initial visions in different regions and nationwide. The study identifies areas of vitality services that are crucial for small cities in the regional reform, and which will affect the vitality services provided by small cities. The study also provides a broad knowledge base for small cities to participate in the design of vitality services at both the regional and national levels and to make decisions about the role of their own vitality services.