MDI carries out an evaluation of mobility assistance

During the winter of 2021-2022, MDI will conduct a study on the efficiency and development needs in respect of mobility assistance. The results of the study will support the preparation of decision-making aimed at promoting regional labour mobility and improving the matching of labour supply and demand.

The mobility assistance policy is designed to support people to move outside their place of employment or to move closer to their place of work. The aim is to support the regional mobility and employment of unemployed job-seekers. So, its purpose is to encourage the job-seeker to get a job or receive work-related training outside their own area of employment.

The report, completed by the end of February 2022, will take into account 1) attainment of the objectives in respect of the mobility assistance legislation, 2) the effects of mobility assistance on regional labour mobility and employment, 3) awareness of the mobility assistance policy and its use by job-seekers, 4) the level of success in respect of mobility assistance implementation and 5) development needs related to the effectiveness of mobility assistance.