MDI carried out a study, “Assessing the impact of built heritage maintenance grants”

MDI recently completed a study for the Ministry of the Environment, focusing on the allocation of building inheritance grants, their impact on the condition and use of the objects to be assisted, and the financial impact on the built environments supported and their location areas. The report identified the types of sites chosen and use made of the grant allocations. The material used included statistical data from the ELY Centres and the Finnish Heritage Agency, an electronic survey and interviews.

According to the results, the most significant added value from the grants is gained when sites are restored in a high-quality manner and at the appropriate time.  Grants provide additional resources for the maintenance of cultural historical sites and inspire building owners to repair. The owners of the property will enjoy financial benefits as site lifespan is extended, operating costs reduced and economic value increased. In addition,  grants also have a positive material impact supporting the business of repairers and material suppliers. The preservation of culturally valuable sites and environments is essential whilst also ensuring the continuity of competence related to site maintenance.