MDI analyses sub-regions of Finland

MDI carried out a statistical analysis of the vitality and attractiveness of 55 Finnish sub-regions on the basis of the sub-regional network and the SEUTU program. The group is called T55-cities. The common thread of the analysis is the position, the role and importance of sub-regions in field of Finnish regional development and urban policy. According to the analysis, there is more distinctive than connecting factors between the sub-regions. In particular, the differences in employment and business dynamics are considerable. In 12 sub-regions the employment rate exceeded 70 % already in 2016, while in the four sub-regions the employment rate was even below 60 %. The vitality of the sub-regions is eaten away by two factors: negative population and job development. Only four sub-regions had positive demographic growth between 2010-2017. The report presents the results of vitality and attraction analysis based on statistical analysis and a series of proposals for the development of sub-regions. Download the full analysis here.