MDI along to Profile Southern Finland’s development corridors

The development of the regions is channelled more and more towards development corridors crossing administrative borders. The region of Helsinki-Uusimaa (Finlands capital region) is preparing the launch of a new comprehensive regional plan, and a key part of this preparatory work is prioritising focus areas of development on regional structure and on main transport networks. This work is supported by profiling work of Southern Finland’s development corridors conducted by the MDI. The work contains a summary of the Southern Finland’s development corridor analyses, an online survey and four workshops along corridors (1.12. Tampere, 2.12. Turku, 8.12. Kotka and 15.12. Lahti). Our partner in the visualisation of results is Nitro ID. The work will be completed in January 2017 and results will be presented at the final seminar in Helsinki on 18the January. The client is the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.