Leader Fell Lapland is a well-known supporter of local businesses and communities

MDI supported Leader Fell Lapland, a local development association in the Enontekiö, Kittilä, Kolari and Muonio areas, in a self-assessment from the beginning of 2020. Three questionnaires were prepared (for Leader board, beneficiaries and stakeholders) to discern the success of the operation as a whole, including the communication aspects associated with the Leader Fell Lapland and the success of the various project activities.

Based on the surveys, it can be concluded that Leader Fell Lapland is known locally and its work is appreciated. The group’s activities are seen particularly to have developed local business, village comfort and community spirit. Leader Fell Lapland has developed good networks and nurtured good relations with local municipalities, associations and companies. Beneficiaries are satisfied with the assistance they received from the group during the planning and implementation phase of the project. The funding provided by the group has played a significant role in the implementation of local projects. The tourism-related business support granted by Leader Fell Lapland has gained visibility both locally and nationally while project activities have developed routes and village services extensively.

The most important development recommendations are related to the further development of the group’s internal working and engagement methods and communication.