Kymenlaakso’s smart specialisation strategy and scenarios have been updated

MDI carried out the Smart Specialisation Strategy 2.0 and the Kymenlaakso 2040 Scenario Update for the Regional Council of Kymenlaakso. Smart specialisation is a strategic approach for developing and reforming business and responding to future skills requirements in selected key areas. The goal of smart specialisation is a competitive, attractive and vibrant Kymenlaakso.

The top choices in the strategy for the period 2021–2025 are:

  • Smart and green logistics
  • Renewable materials and energy
  • Data economy, cyber security and gaming

The smart specialisation strategy was updated in extensive collaboration with stakeholders and will be implemented in 2021. In addition, a development programme, planned in the context of the strategy update, will also be carried out.

The update of the Kymenlaakso scenarios is based on the 2019 scenario report. In particular, the update took into account the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the regional operating environment. In connection with the update work, various weak as well as strong signals emerging during 2020 were identified. The update of the scenarios made extensive use of various expert assessments of the effects of the pandemic, as well as future and scenario reviews published after spring 2020. In addition, the need for updates related to the scenarios and preparedness for them was identified in a series of three workshops held in autumn 2020, attended by a wide range of actors from Kymenlaakso.

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