Kristiina Helenius and Natalia Rincon to join MDI’s Advisor Team, Minna Utriainen as a partner

MDI’s influence, international business environment and urban planning knowledge will be strengthened in the summer. We are delighted to announce that M.Sc. Kristiina Helenius and architect Natalia Rincon are involved in the advisor team.

Kristiina has worked internationally for twenty years. As a Director of the Nordic West Office in the United States, she wants to make sure that Nordic voice is heard in the Super Capital. She works as an international business environment and the US advisor in MDI. Natalia is an architect and IT engineer who is excited about citizen participation, urban planning and smart cities. She has established and is the Managing Director of CHAOS Architects and writing her work in the field of Urban Planning in her doctoral thesis at Aalto University. In MDI, she acts as an advisor for urban politics.

We also have the pleasure to announce a proven partnership with Minna Utriainen and Nitroid xD Oy. Minna Utriainen is a brilliant and brave strategic communications expert.