Kanta-Häme Central Hospital has significant effects on the vitality of the area

MDI analysed and formed a comprehensive picture of the internal and external vitality effects of Kanta-Häme Central Hospital in its area of influence. According to the analysis, the effects are significant. For example, the annual salary of central hospital staff is about 74 million euros, of which four-fifths remain in the province. In addition, the central hospital spends about EUR 80 million a year on the purchase of services, of which about a quarter remains in the province.

The internal vitality effects are described using key figures related to the personnel of Kanta-Häme Central Hospital and the purchase of services. The indicators related to internal vitality are based on the hospital’s own data, analysed by MDI. External vitality effects were described using indicators related to the vitality of the municipalities in the area. In terms of external vitality, the municipalities of Kanta-Häme are ranked among the 294 municipalities in mainland Finland, mainly in the top 20%-40%.

Thirteen key variables were selected for the analysis, through which both the position of Kanta-Häme in relation to other provinces and the position of the municipalities of Kanta-Häme in relation to each other were examined. The analysis includes a wealth of other indicators related to internal and external vitality. The work was completed in June 2020 and serves knowledge management and decision making.