Joint Government Research Projects Match Perfectly with MDI’s Profile

MDI has three core areas 1) cities, 2) rural areas and 3) renewing regions and municipalities. Government of Finland coordinates joint analysis, assessment and research activities, which generate information that support decision-making, working practices and management by knowledge. MDI was very successful in the spring 2016 round, as we are currently involved in three projects, which match perfectly with our profile. Firstly, urban issues are linked to the definition and alignment of the functional urban areas and development zones in Finland. We co-operate in this ToKaSu project with the Finnish Environment Institute. Secondly, the development of services in rural areas utilising digitalisation and experiments are investigated in DIPA project together with Spatia at the University of Eastern Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute and the University of Vaasa. Thirdly, the effectiveness of the regional system, customer-orientation and cost-effectiveness of regional administration reform is analysed in VAAKA project. The study covers in particular the ELY Centres and Employment and Economic Development offices. The project involves Tempo Economics Ltd and Melkior Ltd. All the studies will be completed in 2017, but MDI will spread information for use along the way whenever it is possible.

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