Invitation to discuss ‘the good life’ in shrinking areas and their communities

Population projections look tough. Only three Finnish urban areas are projected to grow up to 2040. What then should be the focus of regional planning practice and policy? What is the meaning of ‘the good life’ in shrinking areas? If ’Plan A’ has failed, what are the regions’ own alternative strategies, what are their ’Plan B:s’? How should national policies respond to such plans? What kinds of futures are we building in a diverse rural and urban mosaic?

The topic has aroused a lively debate recently and the discussion will continue in Seinäjoki in June, at the NORSA-conference arranged by the Nordic Division of the Regional Studies Association ( MDI has invited a diverse team of experts to the conference to discuss this topic. Our visionary speakers include regional administrators and practitioners, Kjell Nilsson, Director of Nordregio, Nordic Regional Planning and Development Research Institute, Linda Leinonen, Mayor of Kauhajoki, Miika Laurila of South Ostrobothnia and Laura Jänis, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,  among others.

Welcome to our panel discussion! You can enrol by signing up for the conference by 20.5. at the following link:

The panel discussion organised by MDI is part of the NORSA conference in Seinäjoki which will take place on June 18, 10.30-12.00.