Information service for the Vaasa region provides up-to-date information on development with regional development indicators

The Vaasa region development company VASEK has introduced an information service that brings together statistics and visualisations on population, employment, attractiveness, business and the regional economy. MDI set up the information service for VASEK and its member municipalities to support their information management flows. The municipalities of the Vaasa region include Vaasa, Isokyrö, Korsnäs, Laihia, Malax, Korsholm and Vörå.

Statistical information is now collated centrally facilitating its utilisation. In addition, the statistics produced are based on the latest data, so they are always up to date.

In addition, three other regions were included in the information service in order to facilitate regional comparison at the regional level. The reference cities were selected on the basis of their similar profiles; the same type of economic structure, university cities or otherwise interesting in terms of their development.

Get to know the Vaasa regional development information service here: