In Kuopio, urban living interests – city centre residents are most satisfied with their housing

We carried out a survey of Kuopio housing trends and new residential areas for the City of Kuopio, examining the housing preferences of Kuopio residents identifying their recognition of new, planned and under construction residential areas in Kuopio. An extensive population survey examined Kuopio residents’ views on future housing.

According to the results, the residents of Kuopio are very satisfied with the current situation across all types of residential areas and in all types of housing. The result differs positively from previous Finnish studies. The groups most dissatisfied and at the same time encompassing those most willing to move are students, single people, low income earners, renters and immigrants.

Small eco-houses and smart housing attracted the most interest in new housing concepts in Kuopio, while community housing, such as the sharing economy, was the least attractive. Young people under the age of 31, students and high-income earners were particularly interested in smart living. There were relatively many plans to move, with as many as 44% of the respondents planning to move within the next three years, although 80% of these people were planning to stay in the Kuopio area.

The purpose of this survey and its findings is to serve as a support for concrete design work and as marketing material. Initially, a literature review was carried out and a questionnaire survey was developed.