How does Helsinki compare with other cities in the Northern Europe?

Helsinki metropolitan area has fallen behind its competitors in terms of economic performance and population growth in the Baltic Sea region during the current decade. In a world of urbanisation, Finland needs a successful metropolis with sustainable growth ecologically, socially and economically.

MDI has launched a research project tackling the development of Helsinki metropolitan area based on statistics on peer cities. The objective for the research is to identify the most anxious pain spots and bottlenecks in the development of Helsinki. The research also outlines the critical success factors of Helsinki and as an outcome, designs an urban policy action plan providing needs and tasks to both the government and stakeholders in the metropolitan area. Results are expected in the beginning of December.

The research is a new episode in MDI’s series of urban policy projects. Previous episodes  discussed themes “Does our country have patience to urbanise?” 2015, “Urban construction to boost Finnish economy” 2016 and “Flourishing of small and medium-sized cities” 2017.

For more information, please contact Development Director Janne Antikainen,, +358 40 764 1829.