How do experts move in these areas? – The survey and information service describes how graduates of vocational secondary and tertiary education find placement in the labour market and in the regions

A study carried out by Sitra and MDI “Regional mobility of professionals” examined how graduates of vocational secondary and tertiary education find placement in the labour market and in the regions. In Sitra’s online service, the indicators of education level and vitality can be viewed both by municipality and by county and region. In the survey, the educational profile of each province consists of the educational structure of the region, the level of education of the population and the ability to employ graduates from the province and attract experts from other provinces to their region.

Leading expert Timo Aro presents five summarising statements:

  1.   Regional differences in education are large and have remained between regions.
  2.   Vocational secondary school graduates are “home-loyal” which is a critical factor in the labour needs of the regions.
  3.   Placement in the labour market is proportional to the level of education.
  4.   Uusimaa benefits significantly from the brain drain of educated and skilled people from the rest of the country.
  5.   Regional equality in education is not fully achieved at all levels of education

The data in the survey is based on Statistics Finland’s databases and the Finnish National Agency for Education’s statistical service, Vipunen. The data have been supplemented with separate data from Statistics Finland for the location data of six university cities. The memorandum related to the survey “the adequacy of experts in the regions – Examples of four different regions” examined in more detail the approaches used in Pirkanmaa, Raahe Region, Seinäjoki and Ilmajoki Region and in Ylä-Savo relating to the shortage of experts.

The report complements the statement “Mille väestölle?” published in 2020.


Publication: Regional mobility of professionals

Information service: Level of education in the regions

Sitra: Educated people move after other experts – regions should hold on to their graduates

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Further details

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