Going strong into the new year!

MDI’s team of experts and advisors were strengthened at the turn of the year with new talents. Iina Tunkkari and Sebastian Hovi started out as experts while Timo Widbom, a long-standing geospatial and information service professional, joined our advisory team.

Iina holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Tampere, majoring in municipal communications. Sebastian is a human geographer who is deeply familiar with the processes of Regional Council interest-promotion as well as with those associated with the fields of regional development and planning more generally.

Timo brings with him almost thirty years of experience in spatial information systems and their use in information management and in support of decision making. He works as an information service expert in the city of Pori and is currently preparing his dissertation in the doctoral programme in technical and economic information management at the University of Tampere, in the Pori unit.

Get to know the new MDI-members and our expertise in more detail at https://www.mdi.fi/en/us/.