Five potential target groups for multi-location were profiled in Kainuu

During the winter, the potential for multi-location and location-independent work in Kainuu was examined. In a study commissioned by the Regional Council of Kainuu, the client’s goal was to strengthen awareness, visibility and the attractiveness of Kainuu from the perspective of different target groups and to prepare for the spread of location-independent work in Finland. The aim was also to position Kainuu as a pioneer region for location-independent work and multi-location employees while taking into account the needs of different target groups when choosing a place to live.

Picture: Anssi Kumpula

The main output of the study was the profiling of target groups and the search for more detailed information about them. The study covered five different groups of people. The target groups of the study were Kainuu-based people over the age of 50 with older parents in Kainuu, young adults from Kainuu who plan to start their university studies elsewhere, multi-place residents or event visitors who have a special relationship with Kainuu, families with children who have grandparents in Kainuu and families where one parent already has a job in Kainuu.

The study included a review of material including both published and ongoing studies. The potential for multi-location living was examined through a survey which gathered views on effective practices and development needs so that multi-location and location-independent work could become more common in Kainuu. In addition, two focus group discussions were held.

Key ideas for strengthening multi-location were related to workspaces, improving the telecommunications infrastructure, mobility and seasonal and summer housing services. The Regional Council of Kainuu will publish a report during the spring.

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