Diverse rural areas became a national success factor in the new rural policy vision

The Rural Policy Council (MANE) outlined its vision and objectives for national rural policy for the period 2021–2027. In the vision, “a diverse countryside is a national success factor that provides a platform and solutions for a good life, entrepreneurship, innovation and a sustainable society”. The vision work was part of the preparation of the overall rural policy programme.

MDI supported the Rural Policy Council in the preparation of the overall programme from spring to December 2020. MDI designed and facilitated four participatory workshops to support the preparation, as well as a two-day writing camp. Due to the corona situation, the workshops and writing camp were organised entirely virtually, utilising various platforms such as Howspace and Zoom. The workshops which saw the contents and guidelines of the overall rural policy programme 2021-2027 prepared, were attended by more than 100 participants.