Report: Cultural environments increase the vitality and well-being of the regions

In MDI’s project for Ministry of the Environment six cultural resources that can accelerate the positive development of the provinces were identified. Based on the findings of the project, the promotion of the cultural environment is an essential part of the toolbox of future provinces.

The regional reform is also an important in regional identity update process, where cultural environments are important components of identity building. Cultural environments have potential for strengthening and developing the vitality and prosperity of the regions.

The project identifies six resource areas related to the six cultural environments: vitality, well-being, expertise, local actors and residents, cultural environment information and cooperation. The full utilization of these requires that the management of cultural environment is understood as part of other provincial tasks and as a critical success factor for the entire regional reform. Success also requires ensuring the resources and expertise of the cultural environment. The concrete recommendations of the project relate, amongst other things, to the role of cultural environments as a cross-cutting theme for the entire region, to the cultural environment co-operation groups and to the need for cultural ambassadors to be named in the provinces.

Final report can be found here.