Congrats to Professor Jauhiainen on Academy of Finland Urban research project URMI

The Academy of Finland has selected three major urbanisation research projects (4 million euros each) to be conducted in the next 3 to 6 years. One of the selected projects was Professor Jussi Jauhiainen’s URMI project. The research project Urbanization, Mobilities and Immigration (URMI) analyzes the future of urbanization and its drivers, the state-of-art and promotion of urban sustainability and resource efficiency, the impact of urbanization to regions, and the impact of immigration on urbanization, especially in the largest urban regions in Finland. Communication and interaction with the societal interest groups in the project is wide, participatory and engaging, including large Foresight Seminars and Co-Design Workshops targeted to the research themes. The policy-makers and stakeholders are frequently informed about the most recent significant research results in urbanization futures, urban sustainability and immigration impacts. Social media is actively used for interactive communication.

URMI’s stakeholder board is with significant local, regional and national actors from public, private and non-governmental sectors. MDI, as a stakeholder board member, has confirmed its commitment to the URMI activities and is looking forward to an active role in stakeholder board.