Career guidance services at TE Offices provide support during transition phases in both working life and education

A study on the availability, quality and effectiveness of career guidance services at TE Offices shows that services are perceived as an important part of the TE Offices’ work. The guidance provided has a positive impact on the clients’ labour market and educational transitions while the positive view of the service provides further encouragement for potential clients  to seek out these services. Clients have generally been satisfied with the guidance provided. The study did however show that more resources are needed and that multi-professional cooperation should be increased.

MDI carried out a study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The background to the study is the Marin’s government’s goal of creating lifelong and equal guidance services. The work included background expert interviews, a questionnaire survey, a customer survey and a statistical review. The study resulted in 12 recommendations for the development of career guidance services.

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