An evaluation and effectiveness study of the Southwest Finland Enhanced Employment Service has started

MDI and Melkior are collaborating to carry out a study to evaluate the results and effects of the enhanced employment service in Southwest Finland in relation to the investment used in the service. The most important question in the evaluation is whether the purchasing service, together with the TE Office’s own work, has made employment service more efficient.

The ELY Center for Southwest Finland and the Employment and Economic Development Office decided to try additional resourcing of public employment services with the help of a purchasing service, in which the Employment and Economic Development Office’s employment services acquired from an external service provider have operated alongside the employment services. In recent years, there has been a strong positive structural change in Southwest Finland, especially in the maritime and automotive sectors, which has been strongly reflected in the region’s labor market and labor demand. The goal of the employment service has been to make employment more efficient.

During the spring and autumn, the study examines how the service has improved the employment of those jobseekers directed to the service, what has been the added value of the operating model compared to the TE Office’s “regular” employment service, how the service has functioned as an employer service and which are the main results and impacts and what has been learned along the way. The work will be completed in autumn 2020.