A new perspective on project work

The beginning of August saw a new intern, Salla Kettunen join our team in Seinäjoki. In her day job she works at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences as an RDI expert, specialising in the implementation of EU projects. She has been involved, for example, in projects related to timber construction, services for the elderly, female entrepreneurship and improving the business skills of small and medium-sized businesses.

At MDI, Salla will become better acquainted with tender preparation, project work and communication tasks. The purpose of this ‘working life’ internship is for her to experience how work is done elsewhere.

“MDI interested me as a place for the internship period because it works on similar themes as we do at SeAMK, but the perspective is a little different. This burst of activity over a few short weeks will hopefully shake up my views and ways of working such that I don’t simply fall into that ‘i’ve always worked this way’ state of mind ”.

The internship lasts five weeks, during which thoughts, views and ideas can be exchanged on both sides.