MDI co-creating a pop-up day in wellbeing in Porvoo

The City of Porvoo will have a next generation wellbeing centre in 2014. Idea is to collect all relevant players from public, private and third sector as well as students under the same roof. MDI is co-creating a pop-up day in wellbeing on 26th November in Gammelbacka, a suburb of Porvoo. The aim of the pop-up day is to collect experiences both from wellbeing service clients and producers, as new services and products are more and more developed by piloting and end-user testing. Content is more important than walls: what services people need, who can provide them and how they are produced tomorrow? MDI has facilitated a workshop and a 24H camp to wellbeing players prior to pop-up day. An innovation race will take place in spring 2014 when concept of wellbeing centre is further developed.