7.4.2014 MDI updated regional plan for Lapland

During autumn 2013 and spring 2014 developers in Lapland worked hard for future success. MDI took part in updating regional plan for Lapland. The Regional Council of Lapland wanted to renew the structure and outline of regional planning documents by introducing a phenomenon-based approach to the strategy process. From now on, the regional plan is known as the regional strategy of Lapland 2040 and the regional strategic programme as Lapland agreement. The strategy presents the eligible status of development and outlines the objectives and means for long-term perspective for the year 2040. The whole process of renewing regional strategy and Lapland agreement aimed at gathering development instruments and profound sectorial planning to support commonly identified goals. These documents create a whole, regional actors may together implement.

Check out the regional strategy “Lapland – the Arctic Gate of Europe” (in Finnish) at