New Co-Working Hubs to Helsinki and Seinäjoki

Today, MDI moves to new offices both in Helsinki and in Seinäjoki. This time MDI was not only looking for square meters, but also seeking for new ways and trends of working. Both of the offices are located in the middle of vivid city environment, and for the better, not only MDIers are working hard in the offices, but also people from other companies, who have been attracted to join and share the same office. ”MDI wants to live as we teach. We have been involved in many projects dealing with creating communities. Now that we are building hubs ourselves, I can not be anything but excited!” Tytti Isokangas states.

The core of Helsinki hub is built together with joyful and energetic team of experts from Mapita Ltd: Maarit Kahila, Anna Broberg and Sakari Ellonen. Mapita designs and implements map-based surveys and analyses data with special passion for fluent participation and interaction. In Seinäjoki, MDI moves in with its dear company-partner Jakamo Limited. Jakamo is the first ever service designed for cross-company information sharing and management in the networked economy. In addition, to enrich our community Juha Orrenmaa, Heidi Aho and Matleena Lindqvist from personnel service company Biisoni Ltd., J-P Tuhkanen from video, photography and media production company Taival Media as well as Mikko Panula from HappyOrNot Ltd join our hub in Seinäjoki.

MDI@Helsinki, Kanavaranta 7 D, 00160 Helsinki

MDI@Seinäjoki, Keskuskatu 10 C 18, 60100 Seinäjoki