MDI is the most inspiring thinking designer in Finland providing sparkling ideas to the public sector. We give help in designing the Finnish growth policy, which to us means an entity of regional and national development, business and innovation policies. There’s a mountain to climb, and fresh thoughts are excitedly desired. No more is bare thinking enough, now it’s time to act – to know how things are done in another way.

Therefore we are now looking for an AGENT FOR REAL ACTION.

You’ll fit in well, if You know the procedures of evaluation, how to guide thinking to novel paths, or how to get people inspired. We hope You’re not a novice, yet Your thoughts are not be folded into wrinkles.

Our house band is still lacking a bass player and a drummer, and we’ll give extra credit for sense of rhythm.

You already know what we do – if not, find out. Let us know what You can do and how would MDI be a fitter team with You on board by 9 November 2012. You can also point out the magic we could do together to the growth policy. Let us also know Your modest requirements.

Written applications are expected at info(a)mdi.fi by 9 November 2012 the latest.

For more information, please contact

Tommi Ranta, Managing Director, 040 588 2839

Janne Antikainen, Design Director, 040 764 1829