26.3.2015 Finland Deserves Metropolitan Policy

MDI’s evaluation of the Metropolitan Policy carried out in Finland since 2007 concludes that the approach has contributed positively to the development of the Greater Helsinki Region. This in turn has benefitted the development of the rest of Finland. However, in the next governmental term starting this spring, the policy needs to be strengthened with better focused aims, more binding contracts and more efficient organisation.

There is no need for radical changes in the policy contents, but only two main themes should be chosen for the future. These are firstly the integration of land use, housing and transportation planning, and secondly, economic growth, which is strongly connected to the internationalisation of the region. Importance must be placed on leadership and the ability to align. Metropolitan Policy should also be organised more lightly, ie. having less negation tables where questions are tackled, and having only those players who are eager and willing to develop the Metropolitan area around these tables.

Report (in Finnish) https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/153864