Janne Antikainen to study municipality structure

Janne Antikainen has been appointed as an executor of a study on the municipality structure of the city of Seinäjoki, the town of Kurikka and the municipality of Jalasjärvi. The study committee was convinced by Antikainen’s long career in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM) and his profound expertise in regional development.

Janne Antikainen has studied and developed Finnish regional structure since late 1990s. Previously he worked as a Regional Development Director at TEM where he was responsible for national regional development. Antikainen has expertise especially in urban policy and regional growth policy. He has a comprehensive knowledge on the competition between cities on a national and international level. During the recent years, Antikainen has also studied the development of rural regions. Nowadays, Antikainen acts as a partner and Design Director at MDI.

The Mayor of Seinäjoki Dr. Jorma Rasinmäki is satisfied with the appointment.

– The study committee considered several options and decided to proceed with Antikainen. We’ve signed with a top class regional developer. Antikainen is well aware of the development challenges in the Finnish regions through his background in Regional Centre and Cohesion and Competitiveness Programmes. He also knows the region of South Ostrobothnia and Seinäjoki city region from his previous working history, Rasinmäki states.

Antikainen is to kick off the study in January 2013. His responsibilities include e.g. coordinating and managing the study process and taking actively part in the meeting of study committee. He also acts as a contact person to Finnish Government and other stakeholders.

According to Antikainen, recommendations on the municipality structure may be expected in late autumn 2013.

– My first task is to take a study tour around Seinäjoki, Kurikka and Jalasjärvi and get to know the everyday life in the region. Until the summer, the study progresses by listening, discussing and analysing the material. Conclusions and recommendations will be ready late autumn of 2013, Antikainen clarifies.

The study is due in the end of November 2013. According to Mayor Rasinmäki, other municipalities are welcomed to join in the study until the end of February.

For more information, please contact:
Seinäjoki: Mayor Jorma Rasinmäki, +358 400 763 800
Kurikka: Mayor Paavo Tyrväinen, +358 50 558 5167
Jalasjärvi: Mayor (acting) Erkki Hirsimäki, +358 44 550 3070
Janne Antikainen, +358 40 764 1829.

Janne Antikainen
Janne Antikainen (picture: Anssi Kumpula)