Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tremendous Thirst for Training

In the beginning of January, we opened up a call for internship for university students. By the closing date 21st January, we received a total of 93 applications from 10 different universities. We’ll eagerly read through the applications during the next few days and invite some of the candidates for an interview. We’ll let all … Continue reading Tremendous Thirst for Training

County government reform redistributes power and responsibility

The ongoing health, social services and regional government reform will involve substantial changes to the relationship of power and responsibility between the state and the regions. With the establishment of the new autonomous counties Finland will have a third level of government between the central and local government, and a substantial number of duties will … Continue reading County government reform redistributes power and responsibility

Urban policy roadmap updated

Urbanization continues at the same time as a national urban policy remains conspicuous by its absence. MDI’s urban policy road maps have contributed to the major cities infrastructure investments. The role of small and medium-sized cities is however murky. Our III policy roadmap will raise the potential of small towns into discussion. The focus is … Continue reading Urban policy roadmap updated

Regional Profiles 2016

MDI published the Regional Profiles 2016 last August. This heavyweight study (200 pages, weighting about 2 pounds) includes information about regional development trends from mid-1990s to 2016. The Regional Profiles consists of an analysis of national development according to different regional types, as well as the regional and sub-regional statistical package. Mainland Finland consists of … Continue reading Regional Profiles 2016