Monthly Archives: April 2013

Story telling camp to SeAMK

Today, the development and impact are driven through stories. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) applies for a licence to continue providing polytechnic education by the end of September this year. SeAMK wants to attach its own story to the application and point out the meaning and impact of SeAMK to the development of city … Continue reading Story telling camp to SeAMK

MDI evaluates Liiveri

MDI executes a quick evaluation of the activities of Liiveri (The Development Association of Seinäjoki Region) during the present programming period. The evaluation analyses the impact of the activities of Liiveri and the projects, outlines success stories and collets information to support the strategy process. The evaluation will be ready in June.

MDI to frame innovation programme

The Lapland University Consortium (LUC) is composed of three higher education institutions in the province of Lapland. LUC renews its innovation programme during the summer and MDI supports the process. The current innovation programme has succeeded in boosting co-operation between LUC and other development organisations in Lapland. The new programme seeks to define the role … Continue reading MDI to frame innovation programme

MDI workshops Council of Kirkkonummi

The municipality of Kirkkonummi, located in the greater metropolitan region, has succeeded relatively well during the last decades. However, every municipality in Finland is now facing the challenges of the economy as well as the inevitable changes of structures and methods of developing and operating municipalities in the future. The newly elected Council of Kirkkonummi … Continue reading MDI workshops Council of Kirkkonummi