From Sparks to Bonfire

  • 1 inspiring idea – to make the Finnish countryside the best rural area in the world 
  • 10 tailor-made regional innovation camps based on the regions’ needs 
  • 15 regions  
  • 47 flinty ideas 
  • 400 passionate rural developers 
  • 20 000 camping hours to develop the rural areas 

These figures represent one aspect of regional innovation camps organised for the development of Finnish countryside during the years 2013 and 2014. MDI carried out the camps in co-operation with the local organisers by the order of the Rural Network Unit. The most passionate souls of the 10 regional innovation camps were invited to Kuortane to sparkle once more from 18–19 November 2014. The main objective for the From Sparks to Bonfire camp was to design more passionate-driven and tangible results delivering rural development in Finland.

You can check out the 3-minute video of the 10 regional innovation camps at:

The video has been produced by Taival Media.