Three Tough Musketeers Join MDI on Valentine’s Day

Our fight for better regional development receives an uplift in solid reinforcements. MDI has appointed three top class researchers and doers. We have the pleasure of introducing Timo Aro, Sami Moisio, and Perttu Vartiainen as MDI’s senior advisors on regional policy. During the spring 2015, we will come out with our proposal for better regional development in Finland together with our three musketeers.

Dr. Timo Aro works as a development manager at the city of Pori. He is an enthusiastic researcher whose expertise areas include regional and population studies, evaluations, and EU’s funding mechanisms. Lately, Aro has focused especially on migration research in Finland.

Dr. Sami Moisio is a professor at the University of Helsinki with his expertise being in regional planning and policy. During the recent years, his research themes have included e.g. regional change of the state, regional policy and European integration.

Dr. Perttu Vartiainen is a professor at the University of Eastern Finland. He has a profound knowledge of Finnish regions, their development needs and latest research.