Surprisingly Good Spirit in Kick-off of Kainuu Investigation

The investigation of municipal structure of Kainuu, which includes seven out of nine municipalities in the Kainuu Region, had a kick-off meeting with highest political and civil servant representatives from all municipalities on Moday, September 1, 2014 in Snowpolis, Vuokatti. The spirit in the meeting was very promising and devoted. All municipalities are willing to investigate especially three themes: firstly growth – what is the clue of Kainuu growth story, secondly regional and municipal economy and the costs of services, and thirdly, regional social and health care service structure reform. Work has two phases: in year 2014 the building blocks for success are analysed and future vision built, and in the spring 2015 the road map to that vision will be drawn. The decisions on municipal structure will be done in about a year from now.