Investments from the East – MDI designed a tool for business advisors

The Russian’s interest to invest in Finland is growing. There’s a great economic demand for activating the investments and the theme is discussed and implemented actively at both national and regional level. In late spring 2012 based on an assignment by SEKES (The Association of Regional Development Companies) MDI designed a tool for business advisors to help them to work with Russian actors concerning investing in Finland.

The tool consists of the following parts:

1) Background information and a process description of Invest in -activities

2) A list of questions to be asked and things to be told to the Russian investors or companies during the Invest in -process

3) The existing material in Russian

4) A list of professional business service providers in Finland who are able to serve Russian companies in their native language

5) Invest in -websites in Russian

The Invest in -tool is available through Ms. Heidi Saario, (heidi.saario(a), the coordinator for Regions’ Russia Network.