1.4.2014 Helsinki-Hämeenlinnna-Tampere corridor speeded up with MDI workshops

The development corridor running north from Helsinki via Hämeenlinna to Tampere (so called HHT-corridor) in Southern Finland is strongest development zone in Finland. Its strength has been recognised in planning for decades, but now it’s also functional on a daily basis for companies and people located along corridor. Development ideas for practically functional everyday life are searched in two MDI workshops: 11th April in Hämeenlinna in transport theme and 6th May in Tampere in Smart City theme. In the latter workhop, MDI has a pleasure to co-operate with Mr. Eero Holstila, former economic development director of Helsinki and grand-old-man of urban policy in Finland. Workhops are ordered by HHT-project, run by former mayor of Janakkala Ms. Anna-Mari Ahonen, now HHT project manager in the city of Hämeenlinna.